We are specialized in cost-efficient manufacturing of shafts requiring precise dimensions and surface roughness. The diameter of shafts manufactured range from 40 mm to 200 mm, and lengths of 400–2500 mm.

Due to precision turning, circular grinding is normally not needed. We also do keyway milling, splines and deep-hole drilling.

Our precision shafts are used in electric motors, metro cars and in gear assemblies.  All shafts can be marked and delivered with material certificate and measuring record.

Short delivery times are not a problem for us.



CNC-endfacing machine, max dimension D200*L2500mm


Horizontal machining center with 630x630 mm pallets and machine tending


6 CNC-lathes. Max dimension D250*L2500mm


Our measuring equipment are calibrated according to ISO 9001

Production premises: 1400 m2