Maxel Ab Oy specializes in CNC machining of shafts with precise dimensions and surface requirements.

Our operations rest on expertise, precision and quick processing of orders.


Systematic development and continuous improvement of our processes allow us to deliver flawless products.

Guaranteed delivery

Thanks to our flexible production we can offer short delivery times even on demanding precision solutions.

Customer focus

We manufacture precision shafts according to customer requirements. Thanks to our large stock of classified raw materials and 100% traceability, the customer can feel safe with us.


Maxel Ab Oy is a company in the metal industry and owned by the Mannfolk family. The company is based in Närpes, Finland and was established in 1999. We specialize in the manufacturing of precision shafts for various applications, such as electric motors, metro cars and gear assemblies. At the moment, we have a staff of 16 employees.